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Cooling of electric motors of pumping units. Increased efficiency pumping stations.


PATENT FROM 05/28/2018 № 2688059 / PATENT FROM 07/24/2019 № 2717484




innovative development

We know how to cool the electric motors of pumping units effectively and increase the capacity of pumping stations
(oil, water, etc.)

Increasing the service life of electric motors of pumping units

Cooling frequency converters of asynchronous electric motors of pumping stations

Increased pumping pumping capacity

The use of heat dissipation of electric motors and frequency converters for heating the pumping liquid in order to reduce viscosity and increase efficiency

Implementation of activities for

energy saving and energy efficiency

Meeting industrial safety requirements

The main causes of heating electric motors

How does engine heating affect their life?


This question is so serious that serious research has been conducted. They found that overheating by only 10 degrees reduces the service life of insulation materials by half!


The next 10 degrees shorten this figure by another two times! As a result, when the motor overheats by 40 degrees, the lifetime of the insulation is reduced by 32 times!, Which makes equipment's life so minimal that its use becomes unprofitable.


If overloads exceed permissible by 50%, then we can say about the almost instantaneous destruction of insulation materials. This once again underlines the importance of the right choice mode of operation of the motor.


Valery Gabdrahimov

Heating Engineer







Overheating windings

motor stator



Start under load

the engine is not

ready for


Incorrect calculation and mode of the ventilation system


Seizure of shaft



Constant high loads

at the limit of the norm


A weak link in case of overheating of the engine is winding insulation, at high temperatures its performance is deteriorating.


The higher the degree of heating, the faster the dielectric and mechanical properties of materials change in a negative direction.



Insulating materials used in electrical machines are divided into seven classes: Y, A, E, B, F, H, C, the maximum allowable temperature of which is respectively 90 °, 105 °, 120 °, 130 °, 155 °, 180 °, more than 180 ° C.


The goal of our project


Cooling pump motor

unit, in order to increase the turnaround time, reduce downtime due to overheating protection


The use of heat generation of the motor of the pump unit and frequency converter to increase the temperature of the pumped medium and, accordingly, reduce the viscosity, thereby reducing the cost of electricity for pumping the medium

Schematic diagram of the cooling motor

  Machine room


Frequency converters room

Frequency converter



Inlet grille

Exhaust fan

Prefabricated duct

Heat exchanger


Electric motor






Innovation has a patent №2688059 from 05/28/2018

PATENT FROM 05/28/2018 № 2688059

Request № 2018119590

Patentee Gabdrahimov Valery Eduardovich

1. Machine room

2. Foundation

3. electric motor

4. Pump

5. Discharge line

6. Suction pipe

7. Discharge fan

8. Freon evaporator

9. Optional fan

10. connecting duct

11. Air intake

12. Emission of cooled air

13. Freon cooling feed line

14. Throttle

15. High temperature circuit

16. Compressor

17. Shell and tube heat exchanger

18. Evaporator Coil

19. Heat exchanger housing

20. Heat exchanger coil

21. Airflow direction

22. Frequency converter

23. Exhaust fan

24. Inlet ventilation grids

25. Pre-assembled duct for heat generation

26. Freon evaporator

27. Evaporator Coil

28. Room

29. Airflow direction

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The advantages of this device

The use of this cooling device maintains the necessary constant air temperature, aimed at cooling the stator (heat exchanger jacket) of the electric motor and frequency converter of the electric motor.


Due to this, overheating of the electric motor is eliminated, and accordingly there is no downtime in transferring the medium during the summer and transition periods, and the life of the electric motor of the pumping unit is increased, planned expensive repairs to replace stator windings are eliminated, the equipment is more stable.


Additional load on the electric motor is possible to increase the performance of pumping stations, as it provides additional efficient cooling.


Energy-saving and energy-efficient conditions are met because the heat generated from the electric motor, as well as the incoming heat from the bearing cooling systems (oil system), solar radiation and pipelines in the machine room and electrical equipment, is used to heat the pumped medium, which in turn increases the temperature of the pumped medium (estimated at 5-8 ° C), while reducing viscosity, increasing the efficiency of the pump and, accordingly, reducing the cost of electricity during pumping.



Provided the fulfillment of conditions energy saving

Increases pump efficiency and accordingly reduces energy costs during pumping


Industrial Safety

When equipped with this cooling scheme of electric motors, the building becomes

completely isolated from the external environment, therefore excludes:


Hit of flying insects (midge, mosquitoes), dust, down, sand, foliage, etc. inside the machine room and the VFD room, and accordingly there is no blockage of moving parts of equipment (bearings), cooling systems for electric motors (bearings), cooling systems for electric motors, heat exchangers for air cooling of the oil industry, filters for the ventilation system

Penetration of wild animals inside the room of the machine room, as the machine rooms are operated almost all year round with open gates and doors


Rainfall (rain, snow) inside the electrical equipment room through open windows, which can lead to failure


“The best energy efficient solutions for you and your facilities!”

At the stage of completion, work on obtaining an international patent


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